19 national music awards.
Dear musicians, colleagues, I have already come a very long way in music. 25 years old. I created this label for you to give you the shortest and easiest way to your listener. This label is clean and transparent as a drop of water! It was created by a musician for musicians. Together, we can do everything!
Yours, Vyacheslav Tyurin aka VIVITI.
Composer, producer.

A service created by a top musician for talented and diverse artists

Use your time for pure creativity, we will take care of the rest.

VIVITI is a music label created by a world-class professional - producer, musician and composer who already promoted many top artists.

In his pocket 19 national music awards, songs on the Billboard Chart of the US, hundreds of hits and estimate sales of millions records worldwide. All of it, is just a small part of his truly inexhaustible experience in the music industry.

Our services:
- We will make a real hit for you. That will include music and lyrics, arrangement, and full production. All you have to do is record your vocals. Our team will work on it, and you are ready to blow up charts.
Absolutely transparent worldwide distribution
· Placement of single/album with multiple streaming and download options (over 500).
· Your guaranteed income for years ahead.
· You will get access to the full financial history in your personal account, and we will simply transfer the money to you for each quarter
Managing your
· Placement in top playlists of streaming services.
· Drawing up a concept, a promotional plan for the near future.
· Making a release plan.
· Singles/Album publication and promotion

· A personal manager who oversees your project on a daily basis

Integration of your tracks into TV, film projects and series
· An additional source of your income and an important part of your image and significance in the industry and in the fan base
We will increase your
copyright fees
· Your income will depend on the number of singles you release through our label
· Assistance in creating a promotional pack for the release and animation for social networks.
· Involvement of a PR specialist and a full SMM package.
· Design development and full promotional pack for your release.

· Artist’s page creation for all music platforms

VIVITI works with your music in marketing, advertising, licensing synchronization, video monetization, copyright and related rights and more as a leading music distribution and video company. VIVITI and The Orchard help artists to reach their audience across the world.
VIVITI in numbers
the Orchard's position in the world's global music distribution
musical representations has our distributor The Orchard
years our company have been working in the music industry


The Orchard is a subsidiary of Sony Music which is a global music representation, an American music and entertainment company specializing in media distribution, marketing and sales.

The Orchard works with digital and physical retailers around the world. With us, you will get full access to your analytics and increase all your fees. Engage with us on the effectiveness of your release. Transparency and flexibility are core values ​​for The Orchard and VIVITI. We are not just distributors. Our services for you are much wider. We know what any artist, musician and author is looking for and ready to provide the best service to achieve the highest results.

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